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New To Malaysia:Change your shape for life with a new breakthrough personalised protein prescription from Herbalife:

Personalised ShapeWorks™weight loss programmes: Herbalife Kuala Lumpur

The science behind ShapeWorks™is based on the studies and findings of Dr David Herber PhD Chairman of Herbalife's Scientific Advisory Board.
Dr Herber believes that weight management programmes should be tailored to the individual, to their own shape, body composition and lifestyle.

Read how you can achieve your weight management goals with Dr Herbers expert advice.

For example, how to get more protein into every meal without the fat, cholesterol and calories associated with animal proteins and...
Discover information on....

Herbalife Kuching South How to calculate the amount of protein in your diet
Herbalife Kota Marudu Identify if you are snacking on foods with a high or low glycemic index
Herbalife Lumut How to use Herbalife products effectively
Herbalife Lawas How to cleanse, detoxify and nourish the cells
Herbalife Mukah How to increase vitality levels
Herbalife Kanowit How the ShapeWorks programme can change your shape
Herbalife Kuala Lumpur How to feed the body not starve it

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Use the Herbalife ShapeWorks™programmes to overcome challenges such as going to the gym on a restricted diet and flaking!


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